Tony shares a more personal account about the computer lab

 I was brought onto the JAC team through Pastor Peter’s encouragement to help start the computer lab at Bergen Family Center. Our goal was to setup computers to teach basic computer skills to family members from the family center to prepare them for either job training or just to improve their quality of life through technology. It was a year in the making of recruiting dedicated volunteers, researching equipment, and eventually assembling the lab in one of the classrooms at the center. The amazing and dedicated team on JAC spent their week nights working on getting the lab up and running.
IMG_7875We held our first class in January and we had more registrants than computers available! It was a good sign that people are eager to learn, and JAC was eager to teach. In the beginning, our main goal was to teach people job skills, such as Word or Excel, but while talking to the students and learning their stories, it became apparent that most of them just want to be able to communicate with their loved ones. I believe the goal of this computer course is not to tell people what they should learn, rather it should be using the available resources to serve the members of the community and to meet their needs. Teaching and mentoring requires the leader to be flexible, also to never make the pupil feel inadequate. Jesus does not walk in front of us, behind us, nor next to us, instead he picks us up and walks for us.
It was a great joy in my heart to see the smiles of the students. While only at the first class, I could see the lights in their eyes as they anticipate the possibilities of the future once they have this powerful skill in their hands. The fear of technology will be one less burden in their life.
As a side note, this experience immediately brought me back to my missions trip for Zimele in South Africa when I taught the Zulu women computers and photography. Their eagerness to learn and appreciation brought the biggest smile to my face. When you serve someone whole heartily, your love for Christ becomes evident and you lift up the community.
I pray for you brothers and sisters that you may take this opportunity to show love and receive love within the Englewood community that we are so deeply established within.

Tony, JAC Computer Team.


The Metro Women’s Ministry Leadership Team met last night to kick off a wonderful year of prayerful planning ministry for the women at our church. We’re excited DSCF2450for the Holy Yoga event on January 19 and an upcoming worship event on February 10. If you fit our demographic of being woman and attending Metro, we hope you’ll participate in our events. We all benefit when you join us!

A Christmas offering of goodies

IMG_2802[1] IMG_2804[1] IMG_2808[1]On Christmas Sunday, a couple of women from the Metro decided to use their gifts as party planners and bakers, to bless the greater Metro Community. They laid out a beautiful spread at the usual Frontline Refreshment table, with little treats like delicious red velvet mini-cupcakes, scrumptious macaroons, and delicious and pretty cookies. It was a time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, with a little treat on the side.

A Wonderful Christmas Sunday at Metro

Jesus came to rescue us that very first Christmas so many years ago. And, this morning, we celebrated His birthday with our wonderful children singing beautifully to us. We were also challenged to consider how Christ models real life to us in Philippians 2 and the priorities He has for our relationships. Mikey and Scott caught our attention with their drama and the worship team and Eunah led us to sing our hearts out to God. Pastor Peter took time to recognize our fantastic volunteers. How blessed we are with Frontline-the children’s teachers, the set-up and  tear-down teams, and so many more. Each person who came to Metro today were part of the blessing we gave to each other. Merry Christmas Metro!

A Coat Drive…

What happens when the Kids of Metro aim to bring a little cheer into Englewood?  The annual Englewood Christmas coat drive is the result, with hundreds of families receiving a little warmth during the cold holiday season.  Hosted by the Englewood fire department, the night was filled with happy little ones, who were visited by Santa himself, not to exclude cupcakes, cookies, and presents!  Take a look below to see how your contributions helped the local community that we call home!

Some Metro Christmas Cheer for the Greico Teachers

We thought it would be nice to thank the staff at Greico school for the use of their beautiful facilities throughout the year.   We dropped by with cookies, tea and coffee.   It was a hit!